Friday, September 7, 2007

Windows XP drivers

Here is a list of places where you can download the drivers for the Acer 5051.

Acer official EU FTP. Here you can find drivers for XP and Vista.

ATI drivers for the Radeon Xpress 1100

AMD Turion 64 Mobile Technology Utilities & Updates,,30_182_871_13349,00.html

From the official Acer site, I've installed the following drivers:
  • Atheros WLAN XB63 Driver
  • Audio Driver Realtek Ver.
  • Camera Driver Suyin Ver.
  • Card Reader Driver 5.1.2600.2011
  • Modem Driver Foxconn Ver.
All of the other needed drivers I installed are from their official sites. But I did not install the touchpad driver nor the LAN driver.


Anonymous said...

Please go on wit this!! I'm thinking to install Ubuntu on my Aspire 5051 and I'm Afraid about problems with Wireless, Sound and Video.

If you don't go on, do you know were i can download drivers for ubuntu?

Thanks. ;0)

Anonymous said...

Hi I recently installed ubuntu 7.10 on my acer machine. seamlessly connected to the web

Emy said...


I need help regarding my laptop

I have some problems with my Aspire 5051 AWXMi(is written on stickers) or 5050 that is written on sysyem propeties.
I had installed Vista Premium, i tried to install XP but when it reaches to install devices, at half way, the laptop it turns off.
I tried severel times but no hope.
I have updated the bios from v.1.3303 to v.1.3315...besides i have the issue with the battery as wel but to install the OS first and afterwards i will see.
The 80 gb hdd was partitioned in three: PQ..i do not remember, the restore part. and two other partitons of around 40gb FAT32.I deleated all partitions thinking to get rid of vista, and to install one partition only
Did i do something wrong?
I can i install the os again?

Thanks in advance